Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gone, but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten
This pain, I cannot hide
In memory, I see you
A million tears, I've cried.

The tender thoughts you left me
Come to my memory
Your loving smile, so precious
Will always be with me.

You visit me everyday
Upon a ray of sunshine
When flowers bloom
In a star-lit night night

When winds are gently blowing
Across a cloudless sky
Within a rolling meadow
Where horse and cattle lie.

I see you in the treetops
As summer comes to be
In shadows, you do linger
A soul so young and free.

I see you around myself
Your scent does fill the air
Just like a precious flower
A rose, so ever fair.

In my heart, I find you
Along the wounded veins
Within the distant thunder
I see you in the rain.

In early hush of morning
You come without a sound
Upon a blazing sunset
Your memory can be found.

Like sprigs of morning glory
Upon the vine, they grow
With branches reaching outward
Into my heart, you go.

Just like a special angel
God wrapped you in His care
And took you off to heaven
To live with Him, up there.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

To Obtain Something Is To Give Something Up..

I am happy that my list of   ' GIVING UP SOMETHING '  is getting all the planned strike outs. This is third week of giving up and i successfully gave up so many of my most loving things.  I would like to confess at this point that i am really a god's favorite kid when things come up to giving up something. I never had to fight much to give up something that i loved most because long before i could ever imagine, those things and people who abandoned me. Trust me its lot easy to loose something then to actually give it up voluntarily . I am thankful to all those things and people for abandoning me and making it easier for me to give up other things as well. 

My first week of giving up started with loosing my inspiration out of my life. As i said it was not me but it was god's love ( god's favorite kid thing )  that took it away from me. I was left with no choice or option but yes whenever you loose something you are left with some residues of bitter fact and trustfulness, the black residues i am left with taught me that no matter what a piece of individuality you are, no matter what you follow, no matter what you say, you do, you did, you will do, this life goes on with or without it. The creatures keep on moving, living, appreciating, loving, admiring and bonding with some other individuals. It goes on, It moves on, It makes it own ways to something else. 

Coming back to ' Giving up something ' list... here i go with my own list, full of truth and bitter fullness..

1. Inspiration ( i didn't give up..i just lost it ) 

2. Bitterness ( i accepted sweetness )

3. Anger ( I gave up anger and i accepted that this is me who is born with problems not this world who is true and up to the mark ) 

4. Poking instruments ( giving up everything that i used to start my day with is a big sigh of comfort for me ) 

5. Hunger ( I gave up hunger, i eat , i live and enjoy eating what i want to eat )

6. SITAR - This is something i was obsessed with since my childhood and i always loved it. This surely deserve a big hands from you all people who are happy after abandoning me. I never would have been able to give up on my sitar without support of you all. I spend about a decade of hard work, determination and countless moments of dreams to owe one of these...

I am happy this piece of almighty, valuable, remarkable piece of art goes in the hands of children who are almost like me, abandoned by their own and this society who judged them as abnormal or not up to par with the aspects of quality of normal or great humans like them.

Keep visiting my blog to check about my next ' GIVING UP SOMETHING ' ... untill i give up on this blog as well.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”
Here it goes away...from my hand...and i have learnt what i need to know.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pursuit of happiness.... is the pursuit of sweetness

 " Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the things that make you happy. These few minutes will give you the opportunity to focus on the positive things in your life and will lead you to continued happiness "

I have been giving thousands of minutes from last one week just to think about the things that makes me happy and i reached to a conclusion that my happiness is not being happy, my happiness is being in pain and sadness. I know my happiness gives me pain so i decided to go for pain now. So today's happiness is the bowl full of sweetness .. 

I know it will give me enough kick to keep me laid up till evening but then again, sub-conscious mind and a deep sleep is also another form of happiness. 
 " The pursuit of happiness, then, is the pursuit of sweetness "

Joy of silence..in one’s corner of solitude

Joy of silence in one’s corner of solitude....
Piousness and the path of love
are two different roads.
Love is the fire that burns both belief
and non-belief.
Those who practice Love have neither
religion nor caste.
Those who practice religions or caste have neither
love nor peace...

If you can recite a thousand holy
verses from memory..
If you can read a million lines of
holy books..
What are you going to do
with your ego self, the true
mark of the heretic?
Every time your head touches
the ground in prayers,
Every time you close your eyes in prayers, remember,
this was to teach you to
put down that load of ego
which bars you from entering
the chamber of the Beloved.

To your mind feed understanding,
to your heart, tolerance and compassion.
The simpler your life, the more meaningful.
The less you are full of ego,
the more room you will have in it
to fill with the Beloved.

The best use of your tongue
is to repeat the Beloved’s Name in devotion.
The best prayers are those in
the solitude of the night.
The shortest way to the beloved
is through selfless service and
generosity to them.

If you do not give up the crowds
you won’t find your way to Oneness.
If you do not drop your self
you won’t find your true worth.
If you do not offer all you
have to the Beloved,
you will live this life free of that
pain which makes it worth living

Those with no sense of honor and dignity are best avoided.
Those who change colors constantly
are best forgotten.
The best way to be with those
bereft of the Beloved’s qualities,
is to forget them in the
joy of silence in one’s corner of solitude.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Woh haath aa rahey hain...

Main khud ko dhoondhta hoon, Wo haath aa rahe hain

Ab meri shaql se wo, jalwe dikha rahe hain

Main wo nahin hoon hargiz, wo main nahin hain lekin

Wo mujh ko munh kar ke, khud ko bataa rahey hain

Main unka aaina hoon, wo mera aaina hain

Main unhein dikhaa rahaa hoon, wo mujhe dikhaa rahey hain

Main, main nahin rahaa ab, ab wo hi main baney hain

Har aan ab wo mujh mein, main ban ke aa rahey hain

Aye waa-e-Hazrat-e-ishq achchhe hain ye karishmein

Arey jitna mujhe bigaada, utna banaa rahey hain

Mai mein kahaan thi masti, itni ke mujh ko khoti

In aakhon ke main sadqe, bekhud banaa rahey hain

Taalib se lan-taraani aakhir chali na unki

Kah kar wal-aakhir-unzur parde utha rahey hain

Main kya bataaun ‘Hazrat-e-ishq’ main kaisa mit gayaa hoon

Khud ko tatolta hoon, wo haath aa rahey hain